18/10 Guided tour of Bellver Castle, Palma. (Afternoon)



16.30 h

Meeting point:

Bellver castle (entrance) / Final point: El Terreno (Plaça Gomila)


2 hours




Bellver Castle - situated on a hill about 3 km from Palma town centre - is one of Mallorca’s most iconic landmarks. Built in the 14th century, it is a circular ground plan and well-preserved building. These architectural features make it unique among the castles of the world. The building houses the Museum of History of the City, which gives you a tour through Palma’s history and urban evolution from the Bronze Age up to the 20th century. 
The central courtyard is a hub of activity throughout the year, hosting a wide range of cultural events.

Later on, you will visit El Terreno neighbourhood, located at the foot of the castle hill. The area used to be the summer holiday spot for Palma upper-middle-class families in the late 19th and early 20th century. In addition, it became a landmark in the cultural life of the island and it was the height of fashion to own a house there. Gertrude Stein, Rubén Darío, Camilo José Cela and Anthony Kerrigan were but a few famous property owners. The neighbourhood still preserves some early 20th century villas and therefore you will be able to admire the remains of a glorious past. 

Guided walking tour 

Price: 10 € per person (Bellver Castle entrance ticket included) 

Please note: 

- There is a minimum of 10 people required to run the tour 
- The maximum number of people allowed per guide is 30 
- Transfers are not included. You will have to arrive at the castle and go back to Palma centre on your own. 

How to get to Bellver Castle: 

- Bus (lines 3, 20 or 46 EMT). Stop at Plaça Gomila, and do the rest of the way on foot (around 15-20 minutes) 
- Taxi: price (from Plaça d’Espanya to the entrance) 8 - 10 € aprox. 

How to go back to Palma centre from Plaça Gomila (El Terreno): 

- Bus (lines 3, 20 or 46 EMT) 
- Taxi 
- On foot (30-35 minutes walk)

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