Palma has a wide variety of hotels. 

a) Thanks to the Hoteliers Association of Palma de Mallorca (ASHPAMA), the following hotels offer a 10% discount on their fares to the participants in the XI International Molinology Conference. 

1. Summum Prime Boutique Hotel 5* 
2. Hotel Santos Nixe Palace 5* 
3. Hotel Saratoga 4* sup 
4. ICON Rosetó 4*sup 
5. Hotel Palladium 4* 
6. Hotel Amic Horizonte 3* 
7. Hotel Amic Colom 3* 

b) There are also a wide range of hotels around Palma, particularly in s’Arenal and Can Pastilla, two tourist areas which are well connected to Palma town centre by public bus. 

In fact, EMT line 15 has a bus stop near the Conference venue (it takes 30-30 minutes, price: 1.50 € single ticket). There is also a bus line that connects the airport to s’Arenal and Can Pastilla areas (EMT line 21, price: 5 € single ticket). 

You can also take a taxi from the airport to s’Arenal or Can Pastilla (price: 18 € approximately). 

c) You can also rent a flat or an apartment. 

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