XI International Molinology Conference


The international conferences on Molinology, which have been promoted by ACEM for two decades, set a quality benchmark for the research on mills and traditional devices. The Minutes of these conferences have brought to light the outstanding cultural, social, natural and symbolic values of milling heritage from the point of view of different fields of study, such as History, Architecture, Engineering, Art History and environment.

The driving force behind the XI Conference is the desire to create synergies at international level in order to promote this heritage from an interdisciplinary approach.

Scientific area

Here you will find The International Conferences on Molinology program, it will approach the next thematic areas:

  • Intangible Cultural Heritage, History, cataloguing and protection.
  • Architecture, Engineering, landscape, interventions and new uses.
  • Networking and virtual museums, new technologies, tourism, heritage interpretation and dissemination.

2018 presentations

If you could not attend XI International Molinology Conference held in Mallorca last October 2018 or want to watch the papers again, they are already available on our website!

Check them out!


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International Molinology Conference